Thursday, June 3, 2021

Jude the Obscure

This rose looks far too cheerful to be called Jude the Obscure - but David Austin Roses clearly weren't troubled by that.  I'm amused by the description on their website, which tells one that it "bears large flowers of an incurved chalice shape. They are apricot on the inside of the petals and paler apricot-yellow on the outside. It has a strong fruity fragrance, reminiscent of guava and sweet white wine, sometimes with a strong citrus bias" - which makes it sound as though these are wine tasting notes, not flower descriptions.  Nowhere does it say that it's a stunning deep apricot that then fades to yellow.

Staying here much longer than we thought that we would has meant that we've got to see it bloom, of course - which is great.  LucyFur?  Just getting on quietly with being a frail tabby cat, today - very much enjoying human company.


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