Tuesday, June 22, 2021

travel woes

Yes, this is Alice in the back of a tow truck's cab, being driven from Barstow to the nearest Lexus garage, in Ontario (Ontario, California, that is ...).  And yes, that's a kitty carrier, containing Moth.  Our car is somewhere behind us, on a flat bed.  When we were nearly in Barstow - the temperature in the high 90s - the warning light came on, with the admonition to Check the Hybrid System.  A call to Lexus service said, basically, don't drive it; call AAA and get it checked at a Lexus garage.  

So back 70 miles the way we'd come (the driver was training a younger guy, and I actually learned a good deal about truck driving; how responders in the cab work, etc); and after an hour or so we were told that the fan that keeps the hybrid battery cool was defunct.  The car is now in Ontario, till Thursday morning.  We have a loaner.  And I wouldn't even say that the drive home was uneventful, since Moth peed on the way back and, cleaning it up once back, I managed to lock myself in the rear seat because of the childproof locks.  This summer could be going better.


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