Monday, September 26, 2022

not quite what I ordered

... but I'm delighted with the contents of this box, all the same (Moth, on the other hand, is wondering if there's a Returns label - Gramsci is still periodically monstrous towards her).  Why I thought I needed a winter jacket in this weather (94 degrees outside, today) is anyone's guess, anyway: a tabby and white feline is much more of an attraction.



  1. Walter Gomez

  2. Walter Gomez 2September 28, 2022

    The previous post was published too quickly sans message! We meant to say: if you want to test drive your new coat, we might know a place (located in the upper Midwest) that would be the perfect backdrop. Also, Gramsci's eyes are round and they speak of mischief and intelligence.

  3. !! (they are VERY round ...)