Monday, February 9, 2009


Clearly, the only thing to do when one is totally, totally panicked for photo-taking time, and feels blank for inspiration of any kind, is to turn to the nearest apparently blank surface, and find that it isn't blank at all.   This is the outside of Murray Hall, and perhaps (this is the second appearance of Murray this month) it's the moment to note that this year Murray Hall - originally built to house the School of Engineering, now the home of the English department - celebrates its anniversary - a hundred years younger than Darwin will be in 3 days time, but respectably venerable, all the same.

Since I took the photo at a very slight angle, it's proved - because of the regularity of the brickwork - peculiarly frustrating to crop satisfactorily: either I trim it so the bricks at the top are straight with the frame, or the bricks at the bottom...I could just pare it away into near nothingness.

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