Monday, February 16, 2009

the pink stuff

This is not, I must say, what I had been intending to post this evening, but the picture was taken by popular demand - or at least, at the suggestion of people - that is, Carolyn - who saw a certain pattern flamingoes, pink luminous dachshund, pink ... well, maybe this was left over from Valentine's day ... pink rice pudding.   Yes.   It tasted as badly pink as it looked.

Worse still - actually "worse still" would be if I'd made it and served it myself: this was delivered by Tawa, a local Indian restaurant, to offer at the end of an otherwise very good meal - worse still, it was a dinner for a job candidate, who now probably thinks that not only do we produce strange bubble-gum themed desserts as some kind of test (just as All Souls, in Oxford, allegedly used to serve cherry pie for their fellowship competition dinners, just for the fun of seeing what candidates did with the stones), but that we then leap to our feet, search out batteries for the flash, and take photographs of inedible pink sludge.   But it certainly does go with the recurrent pink theme, as well as clashing (badly) with last week's carrot halwa.

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