Saturday, February 28, 2009

transatlantic indians

I really wasn't expecting to see Minnehaha and Hiawatha outside Charing Cross Station... it turned out that they were taking part in a Monopoly-board themed pub crawl (presumably in aid of charity?) and that the dress code was Cowboys and Indians.   If I'd not been doing other things (like going to the G. F. Watts exhibition at the Guildhall), I'd have followed the locations - Piccadilly and the Old Kent Road, Mayfair and Paddington station - for those of you unfamiliar with the British Monopoly Board, it's based on London, and not, mysteriously, on Atlantic City.

They were bizarre enough in themselves, as a sight - but their account of how they came to be dressed like that made it much better - and provided an object lesson for what we were saying about documentary in class last week - that talking to one's subjects, and providing narrative that goes over and beyond what's apparent from the picture, can be a Good Thing.

Other photos on FB - including some especially fetching Selfridges shop windows...

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