Friday, February 6, 2009

rain on melrose

rain on Melrose

Believe me, it's quite a challenge taking photographs when it's very, very wet.   Having eliminated the blurred-view-of-orange-tree seen through window covered in raindrops; various pictures of people huddled under umbrellas in shop doorways, rather forlorn street signs reflected in half flooded streets, and predictable view of cars looming up through the damp murk seen through windshield, complete with the blur of rapid wipers, I'm left with the raindrops-keep-falling view of Melrose, outside Lucques, as we ourselves skulked under an extra large umbrella waiting for valet parking to come back with the car.   Would one know from this picture that it was Los Angeles?   probably not - and certainly not with the rain.   A US city? - the yellow cab is a give away.   But the dark and blur and wetness - that, for me, makes it very deliberately anonymous: an archetype of an urban American street at night.

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