Thursday, February 26, 2009

documenting the economy?

Now, I have absolutely no proof that the asbestos-filled abandoned frat house that's being demolished in Union St as I write is a victim of the economy - but it is manna from heaven for illustrating the theme, at least - and I can't decide between these two images (depends if one wants Starkness of Destruction in Motiobn, or a Malevitch-square of Rutgers Red about to hit the -literal - dust.   Vote???

This is a brief (and early, since I must teach a class and catch a plane to London) post - but I hope to post more images of this serendipitous photo-op on FB - and to report back on if my class have any ideas about  how to photo-document the recession.   I heard a graphic little detail on NPR as I drove in - someone reporting that there is usually all kinds of small change thrown into their local fountain, but now there are just pennies and dimes - no quarters).

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