Sunday, February 8, 2009

catalog photo

Today's photo taking was of a very practical nature: finding an image that will go into W. W.Norton's catalog to advertise Alice's disco book.   I'm not sure what will be the final choice of image - probably not anything as panoramic as this - not least because an Italianate statue of a boy with arrow and quiver is not a little incongruous (though might just fit alongside the discussion of bare-chested dancing in the gay disco chapter?).   I had, of course, all kind of visual fantasies of edgy black and white shots of Alice poised, expertly, over a turntable, reprising her dj years, but I didn't drag the lens and flash unit that might have enabled this all the way from NJ for three days (there's still the book jacket photo...maybe for that?).   So this is simply my favorite image of the ones I took this morning, and serious editing, cropping, seeing what various different pictures look like in black and white, etc., will have to wait for tomorrow.

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