Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yes, this is a camera.   Or, more likely, it is a dead camera.   I reached for it to take a shot early this afternoon, the lens opened up, and then stuck, making an unpleasant whiny complaining sound.   And a message appeared, saying "lens error, restart camera."   Only of course, restarting the camera just led to the same problem again.    And then I tried to wriggle the front of the zoom lens, and the little beast came apart in my hands.   It has not been dropped, banged, or otherwise mistreated, other than carried around everywhere since May 2008.   That's not very long.

A quick Google search reveals two depressing facts (1) I am not alone - though there is not a whole yowling world of mass complaint out there (2) Canon charge $200 for "looking" at it - and do not consider it under warranty since they will believe that it has been evilly molested.     A new one costs - via Amazon - about the same price.   It still gets very good reviews.   I've taken a lot of pictures that I'm pleased with using it - obviously it's not as wonderful as my 5D; equally obviously I'm not going to take my 5D everywhere.   Sigh, sigh, sigh.

But I can still post my I of the Day, thanks to my iPhone...

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