Sunday, February 22, 2009


If I'm not capable (and I'm evidently not) of going out for a birthday dinner (at Due Mari, in New Brunswick, which was extremely good, but like all of this weekend, over too quickly) and taking a photograph that suggests the utter festive excellence of their cocktails, I might as well post at least a suggestion of their existence.   This doesn't mean the perfectly ordinary, if adequately chilled glass of water on the left, but the mixture of lemon vodka, limoncello, something I can't remember, and muddied basil on the right.   When did "muddied" start being an adjective described to any old piece of greenery that's been mildly stirred around in a glass of alcohol?   

Very hard, I must say, to take a celebratory looking picture on a day of murky gloom - I kept hoping that it would snow, so I could at least make some kind of link to what the weather was doing this day in 1954 (a good day for snowflakes in South London, apparently) - but it just drizzled in a half-hearted kind of way.   

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