Thursday, December 16, 2010

bitter weather on the santa fe trail

Whatever I'd expected from a few days in Santa Fe, collecting my scattered thoughts after the semester and catching up, catching up (oh, yes, and grading), it didn't involve two feet of snow, or whatever is predicted by tomorrow morning.   The rather ridiculous huge sculpture of Pioneers that stands on Museum Hill looked much better than usual, in the beginning hours of the snow, and there's nothing quite like a snow-covered cactus.

But by the time I'd crawled cautiously back down I-25, the road was covering, the windshield kept thickening into ice - and it hasn't stopped snowing since.   This was the view outside the front door an hour and a half ago.   I don't think, somehow, that certain Christmas presents are going to get purchased tomorrow - I think I'll be sitting here, making things, instead ...

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