Saturday, December 25, 2010

disco ball

Of course our Christmas tree has lots of little disco balls on it.   Obviously.    I've been very glad that when I was here last week, I went to Santa Fe Greenhouses - notionally to buy a wreath for the front door - and came away with a door decoration, yes, and a very small tree.   I'd been expecting that the tree would be a surprise when we drove up on the 30th for New Year's - I hadn't the slightest idea that it would be an actual Christmas tree.   For this reason, I didn't trouble much about lights - I know, or think, that there are some somewhere, and I braved the scuttling mice in the garage and went and rooted around, but no luck - until I hit on the plan of using some very large square Japanese lantern style lights that I'd bought for the back yard last summer, and, if chunky and unorthodox, they do the job well enough.   And I'm not sure which iPhone app this was - I think "Toy Camera," on "random".

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