Tuesday, December 7, 2010

even more fakery

It's another example of iPhone-style cyanotypery (I think I should make a negative out of a couple of these, and use them to make a genuine cyanotype - though reliable sunshine is in short supply in NJ right now, and I don't, alas, have the right kind of light box).   It's also another fake - at least, it's a building that took me in for too long.   Back in the day, when Rutgers was wooing me, I saw this magnificent edifice from the train, and thought that it offered up a wonderfully imposing aspect.   I presumed - right into, and indeed, right through my first year, that it must be Old Queens (without a campus tour for new faculty, how does one ever get to know where Old Queens is?   I didn't set foot in it until my sixth year here - indeed, I'm not sure how long it took to learn which building was the actual center of the administration).   I waited, hopefully, for an invitation to some kind of reception in it.   At least, I thought, graduation ceremonies must be a glorious sight there, on the lawns sloping down to the Raritan.

Only, eventually, I realized that this wasn't Old Queens.   Indeed, it's not even a Rutgers building, even if this is the view from the Murray Hall carpark.   It's a Johnson and Johnson office building of some kind, built on - I think - old factory grounds (which means, indeed, I wonder what toxic junk lies underneath us all ... )

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