Tuesday, December 14, 2010

not sugimoto

Somewhere over - oh, let's say Oklahoma, though it could have been anywhere round about there - it struck me that an image looking down on the clouds, an hour before sunset, could look very much like one of the Sugimoto photos of the sea (though to make a true parallel, I would have to know, I think, more exactly where I was: one of the wonderful things about Sugimoto's seascapes is that in a sense, without land or any identifying marks (other, sometimes, than a kind of quality to the light) one could be anywhere - but he makes it very clear, through his title, that the picture was taken in a very precise place.   Though, of course, one has to take him on trust.   Given that it was completely cloudy in the midwest, I could say that this was taken exactly fifty miles west of the Mississippi, and it would be hard to contradict me.   But this does share the quality of a faint, but indefinite horizon; an expanse for thinking in (and an exercise, an excuse for an "old phone" iphone picture, on the "platinum" setting).

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