Monday, December 27, 2010

rustic life

Certainly, gas meters aren't the most elegant things in the world, but this Eldorado example has been quite effectively disguised - the trouble is, it looks like a little bonfire, which wouldn't be at all a good thing for the gas ...

But at least gas meters are static.   This critter, whom you can barely see (dim light, wire mesh in window) is a gopher, and today it was determinedly burrowing out of a hole just outside my

study.   I do not want, or need, a gopher.   The cats, who might disagree, are two thousand miles away.   I tried putting a very large flat stone over the hole.   It dug past it.   And then its burrow collapsed, or it deliberately pulled the soil back down again, disappointed with our barren late December flower beds, during the time that we were googling "natural gopher repellents".   All the same, we excavated a little, and stuffed some white lily scented drier sheets ("natural"?) down the hole, and sprinkled coffee grounds round about, and now we'll wait to see where it and / or its friends and relatives emerge next.

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