Friday, December 17, 2010

the finches of Eldorado

With around 19 inches of snow on the ground (Eldorado was, indeed, well and truly socked in), it's hardly surprising that our yard became a gathering place for birds today: finches, towhees, mockingbirds, titmouses (titmice?) - though no bluebirds (not that they eat these seeds ... and I did see them a day or so back, so expect them to be here nesting again next summer).    The mountains emerged from time to time and then the clouds closed in again.   I kept flourishing my iphone (view from front door before digging out the path; view after laboring hard; road before snow plough, road after snow plough) so that I could send off a running visual commentary to Alice in Highland Park - bearing out a point that emerged in one of our final classes this semester: how we so readily take photographs now in order to effect instant communication, not to store up memories.

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