Wednesday, December 8, 2010

self-portraiture (by accident)

My intention, prowling around campus with my iPhone again, was to take a picture of William the Silent's dog (if Willie boy is meant to whistle when a virgin walks by - hence the silence - today's question is - when does the dog bark?).   But - adequate and orthodox though that image turned out - it's nothing to a picture that I doubt that I could have taken even if I'd tried ... somehow I pressed the camera symbol as I was changing the mode from Cyanotype to Platinum, and this is what I got.   Ironically, I'd been reading somewhere in the material that I was cramming into my head before class that the days of spontaneous artistic Happenings were long past (really?) - an article that cited the practice of throwing one's camera in the air (presumably with the timer set?) to see what image it takes.   I'm not at all sure that I'd be any good at catching it - but I absolutely love the practice of photographic chance, and what it can bring.

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