Sunday, June 17, 2012


Rarely, if ever, do I headline with a picture that I didn't take myself, but I was just so happy to make some new young friends this evening that I'll give Alice by-line credit for this one.  Sheep!  Sheeplets!

A miniature horse! (Duster).  Donkeys!  Cats!  Turkeys!  (one of which will doubtless be seen again, on our table, at Thanksgiving).  Real-sized horses!!  Dinner this evening, in other words, at an idyllic situation on a ranch some twenty miles south of here, in the middle of beautiful nowhere; sitting round the pool at dusk with soft music coming out of the speakers while swifts darted low to catch the evening insects (here, below, are a couple in the barn, just a little earlier), and sausages and vegetables cooked away on the grill, and everything was (well, o.k., there's still the matter of my sinus/cold etc affliction) - everything else was perfect, and was a complete vindication - as if one were needed - as to why I am so welded to the light and space of Northern New Mexico.