Sunday, June 17, 2012

zero tolerance

Believe me, I should have known better.  The watermelon looked too decrepit for our lunch - it was looking blurred and furry inside, going brown around the seeds (it had, after all, been hanging around at the bottom of the fridge for rather too long).  So my idea of putting it out for the birds ... clearly, the pesky ground squirrel / rock squirrel that delights in digging large holes inside our garden and out was onto this treat like a shot.  How - apart from not putting out water-melon - do we rid ourselves of this unwanted critter?  Animal lover that I am ...  A rifle seems a little extreme, and in any case, even shotgun pellets would ricochet nastily off the wall.  A catapult?  An actual CAT doesn't seem remotely interested - or rather, squirrel rushes off at the slightest hint of feline or human, but we can't be out there all the time.  Maybe a scarecrow?

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