Monday, June 25, 2012


It's very good to return back to Los Angeles and find that one of the dormant orchids is in full flower.  It's less good to find that various things that I thought were here (a lens for one camera, a battery charger for another) must be back in Santa Fe, or for that matter, in the case of the charger, back in Serbia.  Or somewhere.  So I'm stuck with an iPhone for images for a couple of days.  It's always strange to re-enter one house or the other and revisit all one's personal possessions - that sounds very materialist - revisit even the light, and the floorboards, and the books one left on one's desk.  There will be one less ornamental plate to greet me when I get back to SF, however - yes, dear Moth, in investigating how to climb the fireguard, apparently sent a large Mexican painted plate crashing to its doom (she's fine, and apparently without remorse).  I think this house may need marginally less kitten-proofing - but on the other hand, I'm probably practicing serious self-delusion.

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