Saturday, June 30, 2012

farmers' market haul

Today's Farmers' Market haul was a good one.  One French Hen (un poulet rouge ...); one packet of Rosy's tamales and some of her posole, and some of her cherries which she swears are perfect and come from the top of the tree (they are, and they are mostly eaten by now).  One bunch baby leeks, one bunch diverse onions, one small bunch chard.  One tub of peas, one of green beans, and a large bag of fava beans.  One bunch yellow beets.  One large bag of very peppery wild arugula.  One bunch of garlic chives.  One small goat cheese molded into a heart, with pansy flowers, and one packet of goats' curd with green chile (both from the woman-run It's All About the Girls goat herd).  And one large bunch of New Mexico wild flowers.  In other words, the market is in full and wonderful summer swing - and in addition to produce, we have (though unpurchased)

dried chiles and grasses

people wearing their summer hats,

and strings of marigolds.

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