Tuesday, June 12, 2012


When we left with the volleyballers, the parent bluebirds were busily flying back and forth, back and forth, feeding their young - how many young, we didn't know.  When we returned - activity had ceased.  So there's always that potentially grim task - opening up the box, and seeing if there's any tragedy inside.  No dead baby birds, large or small - clearly there was a successful lift-off!  And there was a great mound of bird poop - how ever many young had there been?  But here are three eggs (one buried deep, maybe even in a Version 1 of the nest; two pushed to the side) that for whatever reason haven't hatched (and there could be so many reasons why - too much heat, too much cold, or just the luck of the draw).  They look like tiny pale blue sugar eggs (the lighting here gives them too much of a duck-egg color). 

And in other bird news, the first clutch of quail chicks - ten or eleven of them - were spotted outside the back gate this evening.

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