Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This kitten business is completely nervewracking.  Cute though kittens are, they manage to make one worry at every turn (and that's even before one gets to the have-they-swallowed-a-feather; does it hurt to jump on a rolled up yoga mat and have it fall on top of you stage).  Are those ulcers on Moth's nose, and if so, what do they portend?  What does it mean that Walter G has been panting in fits and starts all evening? (other than that it's been in the 90s outside).  And that he's given at least three large sneezes? Is it dust in the carpet, or something more sinister?  On the plus side ... they are full of energy and appetite, and they have clear eyes, and they go for their first check up to our vets tomorrow.  And we keep them isolated, and wear different clothes inside their room, and disinfect ourselves afterwards - and this will be the regime for a week.  What they make of people who arrive to see them semi-naked, and then put on the same clothes each time ...? ...well, it's a good job that they're cats.  But one can't be too careful with shelter cats when one has other kitties.  

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