Friday, June 8, 2012

the marked grave

Maybe eighteen months ago, Alice ordered grave stones - or at least, small tablets - for her grandparents' unmarked graves here in Colorado Springs (where she's speaking tomorrow at a conference on Notable Colorado Springs Disasters).  The unmarkedness of these graves was, of course, connected with that topic (not my story to tell ...) - but it didn't seem right to let them continue in anonymous oblivion into perpetuity.  So sunset found us driving slowly round the Evergreen Cemetery matching plot markers with the map that I was just about able to call up on my iPhone; feeling intrusive on the youngish man who had brought his folding chair to sit peacefully in the evening light by the grave of some departed person; and managing to locate the small slabs at last.  They were already covered in powdery red dust and fallen leaves, but we did our best to tidy them up.

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