Sunday, June 3, 2012

around Belgrade

So hard to know how to sum up a day ... I'll start by saying that the Women of Troy had a good victory this evening over VC Vizura - so we ended up 5-1 on this tour (which could so easily have been 6-0) - and we love our new branch of the Trojan Family, and we'll miss them so much ...

Here's a boat on the Danube - taken from the outdoor deck of the floating barge where we had dinner (including a very rich dish that was supposedly Tito's favorite - turkey with mlinci, which are like very creamy mac and cheese, albeit in slices).  That was after a weird stop at Pancho's Pizza - where we left the team having pizza, but the rest of us mutinied at the thought of that as a last-night dinner - the kind of fast food place that might exist almost anywhere between Belgrade and - where?  Kars, in eastern Turkey?  So after some quick phone calls, it was off to a boat at the back of the still dark, still bombed out Hotel Jugoslavia.

The morning involved being driven round at top speed in a car in which there seemed to be no relation between the front axle and the rear one - with a little disco ball hanging from the mirror, and visiting Tito's house and mausoleum and museum to the History of Yugoslavia, which included some compelling examples of technological innovation - a record player with built in radio invented by Nikolas Tesla ... or so the caption said.  But NT died in 1943, and this machine was almost certainly a product of the Tesla Litovel factory (no relation) in the 1960s ... maybe it would be safer to write about fridges and washing machines.

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