Friday, July 17, 2015


OK - it would have been terrific if I'd put a camera card in my camera this morning ... at least that will ensure that I'll remember the shots that I took, since they'll exist only in my head (quick shout out to the book of essays edited by Will Steacy, Photographs Not Taken, where photographers write about - well, when they didn't have a camera on them, or chose not to press the shutter, or whatever).  I'm convinced that the untaken photos are what one remembers best ... Luckily, I didn't miss anything special.  Here, feebly, is part of the dark Russell Square view from my window: a very English corner of telephone boxes.  People still use telephone boxes? - or is that just where people leave business cards advertising spanking?  (I once had a graduate student who used to purloin these from where they'd been left, and leave notes on them, instead of a message pad ...).

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