Saturday, July 18, 2015


I'm not sure if I'm the target market (nostalgia), or if it's aimed at the retro-chic young, but Waterstones on Malet Street have it right: this is how they are selling 2nd hand Penguins.  And opposite this wonderful forest of orange spines are all the deep blue Pelicans.  If Peter Mandler were on FB I'd tag him, since he's writing about their intellectual and cultural heft - and don't I know it: my social/cultural history interests were formed by them - Tawney, Asa Briggs, Carr, Richard Hoggart, Michael Young and Peter Wilmott - all there.  Waterstones has gone weirdly folksy, though - lots of labelling in chalk on slate boards, as if instead of books, they're trying to sell one a cheese scone and a kale smoothie.

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