Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Art History Office

Probably I should have gone with a panorama shot - this doesn't give the full grandeur, so there's another angle below ... I had one major ambition as Chair of Art History (well, ok, apart from avoiding screwing up big-time, or killing people) and that was to redecorate the outer office so that it actually looked like a place that was engaged with aesthetics and the visual.  So - with very very many thanks to Tracey and Beth, the wonderful office staff, for organizing the framing and hanging - we now have the office redecorated with posters from the major LA art institutions (much fun buying them, of course ...).  I took Beth and Tracey out to lunch today to thank them for all, all, all, all they've done during my tenure as Chair - the office wouldn't look nearly so good without their huge input, or function nearly so efficiently without them ...

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