Sunday, July 12, 2015

lights up above

A day of NAVSA papers, plenary, banquet, etc etc.  You mean there's a beach, and sea out there?  Really?  There are, however, some rather striking ceiling lights in one of the main conference rooms - like illuminated glass necklaces.  I'm always a great fan of spirals, which, even in this form, are very reminiscent of some of the most striking Hawaiian tattoos that one sees around - there are torsos out there that are true works of skin art, celebrating indigenous designs and traditions of all kinds.  So I just found myself wondering ... what happens to this after the owner of the body underneath the skin passes on?  There's a Dutch foundation that will preserve your tattooed skin for you - as a piece of art; as a memento for your loved ones... Hmmmmm.  I think I'll want my own small blue spiral to end its existence when the rest of my body does, thank you very much ...

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