Tuesday, July 21, 2015

visitors! and everyday life in SW19

Almost like Christmas ... but in July.  From right to left, my aunt Nancy, my cousin Gaynor, her (and Mike's) daughter Ellie, and her husband Mike.  In the middle, some treats that I went and foraged in Wimbledon Village.  What was for decades and decades a traditional baker, Gravestock's, is now a chi chi but completely excellent artisanal bakers (Gail's) - I am addicted to their spelt and sunflower seed loaves, and here is a lemon drizzle cake and some almond biscuits/cookies.  Then, of course, some macarons from Paul's.  This rather reminds me of one of those Thomas Struth family portraits that I'll show to a class and invite them to contemplate the dynamics of the scene.

Then here's my father, buying fish from the traveling fish van - just like Victorian London, minus the street cries;

my mother and Simba;

both of my parents, forcing Simba to have some ointment put on his eczema;

and the very, very, very peacefulness of an early, sunny summer's morning from my bedroom window.

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