Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Mexican hats at dawn

We were up at a very early hour in order to drive to Albuquerque to catch a plane back to LA - not, alas, quite early enough for me to capture the orange setting moon in all its glory (see below), but early enough to see the Mexican Hats looking great against the sunrise.  These are wildflowers - Ratibida columnifera - that bloom all summer, especially when it's been as (relatively) wet as it has this summer.  It was a strange eight hours in the sky - not just this moon, but when we were driving back from town last night, Venus and Jupiter very, very close to each other, and very bright.  Only we didn't, at the time, know them for what they were.  Not quite helicopters; not quite drones; maybe some kind of military exercise involving illuminated balloons?  By the time I was home, and googling, they'd disappeared into a bank of low cloud.

New Mexico doesn't normally look as much like Greece as this ...

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