Friday, July 31, 2015

wheat pasting, decay, and Denver

As long term followers will know, I love wheat pasted images on public walls.  With Alice back in the State Archives in Denver today, I shot round the corner to see if there was anything new - or rather, anything new that had satisfactorily decayed - in what I think of as Wheat Paste Alley, just off 13th street.  There was a bumper crop - so I went into a store called Pandora to see what they would tell me about it all, and I found that the photographer Mark Sink is behind the project to bring art to Denver's streets.  A number of these images are, I think, by Sink himself - they do, at least, bear his trademarks of sultry women and semi-gothicism.  Above all, though, I was just delighted by the marks of aging and tearing and fading, and the occasional piece of graffiti, and leaves, that come into the images.  Half way through my shooting a van roared down the alley and killed a pigeon, which somehow was in keeping with the mood of the images themselves ...

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