Friday, March 2, 2012

palindromic library

It's a long time since I've done picture-flipping - but here's the very top of the Doheny Library, sliced off, and then turned upside down.  That weird white speck?  Dust on the lens?  No, that's the moon.  The image is of course symbolic - it's been a hard hard hard week's work (not, alas, in the library), and all roads lead, revert, double back on USC (no one ever told me that chairing a small department is much harder work than chairing a large one).  But - as I keep saying to people, and I totally mean it - the sheer beauty encountered when walking from one meeting to another - or my regular exercise, from Art History to English and back again (and if that doesn't sound like exercise to anyone who knows the topography of campus, Consider The Stairs ...) - makes up for all the hours spread in front of various knotty problems and bits of uploading and signing and budget analysis ...

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