Thursday, March 1, 2012

parents' dinner

I hit lucky with my dinner companions tonight - a man who'd flown in from China with his daughter - a potential English major - on my left; a cheerful woman from Boston with a son who may want to major in neuroscience on my right.  After Michael Quick's talk (he's our Executive Vice Provost), I would think that the whole room wanted to major in neuroscience. I was completely intrigued by the whole process (indeed, I'm intrigued by the whole admissions process, here and elsewhere).  We were kept at such a distance from it at Rutgers, but here we're encouraged to get close up and personal - as with the dinner for prospective parents tonight, as with the interviews for prospective scholarship candidates that I'll be doing next week.

Somehow, I got onto the topic of the Thematic Option course I'll be teaching next year - a kind of interdisciplinary course for incoming honors students of all stripes - which will be a new version of my Writing and Photography course, which was, of course, the origin of this blog.  And I described the blog ... and at the same time the woman on my right was recording the dinner table on her iPhone (producing what looked like far better pictures than this one), and I promised to capture her in photographic action.  Talking about the course made me so excited to start teaching undergrads again ...

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