Tuesday, March 27, 2012

signs of spring

And here we have the cacti in front of our front door beginning to sprout.  Although they aren't exactly nopales, I think that they're edible - we've seen a little old lady breaking them off and gathering them before now, although I can't say that the gas fumes of Hoover St. can have made them particularly delicious.  Still, I guess they would count as organic.

Ah, organic.  Tonight's sad, sad news is the demise of our local eatery in Eldorado - or just outside Eldorado - Real Food Nation (I know that there are others of you who will mourn it, too).  This served quite excellent organic and ethically sourced food: salads and soups and sandwiches; cakes and coffee and posole and lasagna and burritos and and and.  They grew plenty of their own vegetables and herbs on site.  More recently (indeed, all of this has been chronicled here) they opened The Supper Club, in the next door building, which served up some wonderful dinners.  So what happened?  So far as one can tell from the Santa Fe New Mexican - too little experience; too little tight financial control (but why did they keep expanding? why launch The Supper Club? why, just this last fall, extend the kitchen?); too many people working for them (one wouldn't necessarily say this if they hadn't, on occasion, conspicuously had the world's most daffy service); too few customers (ah, recession).   RFN has become so much a part of our lives and routine - it was so conveniently there; felt so much like the local community place that it was - that it's hard to take on board that it's no more.  

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