Friday, March 30, 2012

waiting room

Out of yesterday's travel lemons, I made the lemonade of getting my car serviced, at very long last.  I wouldn't choose to spend my time at Lexus of Glendale - unlike other places where the car's been serviced over the last nearly five years, this one doesn't have a quiet room.  But at least it now has a quiet *space* for those of us who want to wait and work rather than driving a loaner car around for a day.  Even the pair of children waiting with their mother were remarkably quiet ... a pair who looked straight out of the 1960s, apart from their electronic toys.  They even had the long faces and haircuts to go with the period.  I normally have the flash on my iPhone turned off - the better for clandestine people-snatching - but this time, I'd forgotten, and I was so glad - the expression of startled faint outrage is far, far better than anything that I could have posed.  To be filed under the category of "flash: aesthetic advantages of."

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