Sunday, March 18, 2012

regarde le ciel

... though if one did any regarding of the ciel at all today, one saw that it was deep grey, and sometimes raining.  The only consolation was that it was even colder in Los Angeles - and with fewer distractions, quite probably (despite the marathon) - distractions like seeing teams of fireman practicing making the water coming out of their heavy and hard to direct hoses go where they want it to.  Luckily the Seine provides a good testing ground for novices.

As ever in Paris, I walked and walked - we walked and walked - and only took the Metro to head out to dinner and back.  But the Metro has changed!  It doesn't smell the same (have they changed the brake fluid?  How long has there been a smoking ban?  Do people no longer pee down there as often as they used to?) - and the tickets - when did they stop being yellow?  It's very disconcerting to find the everyday building blocks of memory changed - like going back in a dream.

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