Friday, July 27, 2012

change of perspective

Indeed, it's not a cat or kitten.  It's about time that I proved, if only to myself, that I do occasionally spend some time with, and thinking about, things that are not feline.  This image was directly prompted by reading James Elkins's What Photography Is? - a sort of homage, sort of interrogation, sort of imitation, of Barthes's Camera Lucida.  And from this, I learned a new word: anascopic - to be seeing from below: presumably anascopia is the noun.  Its counterpart?  catascopic/catascopia - seeing from above.  Only seeing this hummingbird feeder from above would (if one could see through its red plastic lid) mean looking at a thick canopy of ants on top of the sugar water - they mean that it needs replacing every other day.  Reading this, however, did make me vow to be a little more inventive about where I put my photographic vision - I think I've become a little over-mimicking the stance for normal sight, of late.

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