Saturday, July 21, 2012


This is truly a bad picture in so many ways, starting with the wrongness of the light, making Alice look as though she's sneering at our dinner.  But by the time I'd realized how bad it was, and retaken Alice (the food was eaten), the light was even worse.  Ah well.  It does record us, for the very first time, getting our act together to tailgate before this year's Santa Fe Opera excursion (Tosca - an excellent production, but a weirdly nasty and non-cathartic plot).  I did do this once before, a long time ago, with some guests I didn't know, who turned up with a plastic bag of carrot sticks and some potato chips.  Today's chicken in yogurt and herbs, and sweetcorn with lime juice and chipotle, and potato salad, and hatchamole (Whole Food's local take on guacamole, with Hatch Chile added), and cherries, and a bottle of pinot grigio, was quite remarkably more successful.  And how wonderful of the Parking Gods to give us a space right up by the side ...

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