Thursday, July 5, 2012


Like a little app-lemming, I rushed to download this camera app that was written up in this morning's NYT (together with how many other millions of people?) which isolates a little part of whatever one's pointed it at and marbleizes it.  This is a geranium.  It's very low-res, so I think one has to choose one's subject carefully.  And I'm equally sure I'll get bored with it pretty fast.  And I can't decide whether or not it's improved with further camera-app manipulation, or not ... It's just about 5 years to the day since the iPhone came onto the market - already, it seems hard to remember what one did before all the little gadgets that it brought with it (viz, turning on a flashlight app tonight to see if someone had caught a lizard's tail in the bathroom window.  Happily, it was just a leaf ...).

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