Monday, July 9, 2012

fish. bicycle. man. woman.

So here's this evening's first question.  Do the students at the University of Surrey get the cultural reference here?  Are they introduced to feminist slogans as part of their student induction session as freshmen?  And second - this is an even more hesitant, but still pertinent, question - did the sculptor, Daren Greenhow (b. 1970), know exactly what he was showing?  Yes, of course! everyone of my generation will say ... but he seems (judging by his website) to do a lot of animal/fish/human/biciycle sculptures, without referencing the famous phrase.  The phrase, incidentally, was coined by Irina Dunn, in Sydney, in the very year of Greenhow's birth, so perhaps he's always felt an affinity with it ... It certainly cheered me a great deal, walking around campus on a very grey dank day between conference sessions.

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