Monday, August 13, 2018

back to school

Back in Taper Hall today, after The Summer That Never Was TM, and the noticeboards are starting to fill up with flyers.  This one is particularly delicious.  I've been changing offices today - my 8th office since coming to work in the US, I think, which seems too many - and this one, being the Chair's office, isn't a permanent lodging spot, either.  But it's not the same office, either, as it was the last time I held this position, since the whole Art History department has moved.  This time, I'm hoping that by swiveling my chair, I should have some good sight lines for comings and goings to Bovard, our main administration building ... these are, as they say, Interesting Times at USC.  

Classes don't begin for another week - but it still seems very early in August, to me ...

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