Friday, August 17, 2018

Fighting on against plastic water bottles

On (hot) moving-in day, eager and welcoming people were handing out bottles of water, left right and center - which were doubtless very welcome.  Of course, they exhort one to Fight On! and have USC's signature salute.  BUT - next year, couldn't freshmen and their parents be given reusable aluminum bottles?  Please?  They can all still say Fight On ... and then they can be re-used, again and again (for yes, there are suddenly all these new water-bottle filling stations inside buildings, instead of old-style water fountains that one bends over and hopes to get water in one's mouth).  And the Rossier School of Education (for seemingly, judging by the inscription on the other side of the bottle, it was they who were handing these particular ones out) could man a large water cart so that people could fill them up on the spot.  Evangelical though I am in my feelings against plastic water bottles, I'm not sure to whom I should be pitching this particular outrage and proposal for the future.

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