Thursday, August 30, 2018

hibiscus flower

I've been very cautious about bringing flowers into the house, just in case Alice's immune system gets compromised by the chemo (orchids are fine, and probably just about everything else is, too - but [a] one can't be too careful and [b] the last thing we want is either cat getting into something toxic).  So after a couple of months of feeling sad about this, I've hit on a solution - just about every time I go to the grocery store, a plant comes back with me.  Sometimes it is, indeed, an orchid or a succulent, for indoors.  But more often it's something for outside - like this fine hibiscus, from Albertson's, the other week.  I hit lucky - it didn't have a tag on it (I think it was $16.99), and the man at the cash register looked at it, looked at me - and said "oh, I'll give you a good price on it" - as though he were a dubious Turkish rug salesman - and charged me $5.99, which appeared as "flowers" on the receipt.  It does, indeed, have fine blooms.

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