Friday, June 3, 2022

Cannizaro and bits of pastness

To Cannizaro (where I was devastated to find that the birds have been taken from the Aviary - deemed no longer suitable for avian habitation, and mice-infested) - a park that for a lot of reasons always makes me feel melancholic, most probably because I associate it with the 1950s, which were a long time ago.  The stylist and person wearing a gown in this first picture, however, seemed to be aiming at recreating a far earlier period: this was without any context whatsoever.

And this piece of rewilding, buttercups and all, needs context - it's where I took my first uncertain steps (on rather less verdant grass - indeed, I think it was mown).

Here are faded roses against Keir Cottage (I believe this cottage belonged to The Keir, a late C18th house which backs onto one corner of Cannizaro, and may be the residence that the McEvoy family, who lived there from 1812, converted for their personal chaplain...or it might be the gardener's cottage).

And then I settled down to draw the house itself, until, inevitably, it started to rain.


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