Thursday, June 16, 2022

the monsoon is here!

As I write - 8.40 p.m. - it is pouring - miraculously pouring - with rain.  I sincerely hope that enough rain is falling on the big fire to damp it down significantly, but not so much as to cause the flooding and debris flow problems that are also going to arrive with heavy rain.  That being said ... to go out for a short walk this evening (in what we mistakenly thought might be a dry gap, looking at the radar) - and smell wet earth (nowhere, but nowhere, smells like New Mexico soil and rock and plants after rain), and then to feel raindrops (well, ok, I was keener on the last bit than Alice, which one can probably put down to all those decades of English training) was just amazing.   Then half an hour ago there was a truly huge thunderclap - maybe a hundred yards away - which terrified the cats, but luckily the power is still on ...

This is early for the monsoon - the received wisdom is that it starts, properly, the week of July 4th - but it's certainly an encouraging harbinger - one hopes - of things to come.


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