Monday, June 20, 2022

New Mexican sky reflection

No, not a composite!  This sky is reflected in a shop window - the shop that used to be Casa, next door to Ohori's Coffee, off St Francis, and where I've bought lots of favorite things over the years.  Alas, it was a pandemic casualty.  It looks as though they may be selling off a few last things, and this cross was in the window (the shop itself was closed), and if I crouched down, and stood to the side, I could just capture it and the perfect sky, without including either my own reflection or (even more difficult) that of the cell phone.  Compositionally, I'm very happy with how the cross form of the telegraph pole manages to appear at the bottom of the turquoise cross's shaft: one of those fortuitous accidents one doesn't consciously notice at the time.  

And yes, I know the whole thing is a bit as though it's put out by the Santa Fe Tourist Bureau - so was tonight's sunset, if you didn't happen to see my post to Instagram ... I think these are foreshadowing more rain tomorrow.


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