Wednesday, June 8, 2022

view from new office

Let me tell you - it's more than possible that my ideal mode of spending today didn't include spending six and a half hours - I couldn't force myself to do more - moving books, papers, chairs, and general detritus from my large Chair's office into a small,  but perfectly formed space down the hallway.  I am by no means sure that all my books will fir in - but they'll have to ... The lugging of a cart loaded with books, pictures, mugs, etc down the corridors of the third floor of THH wasn't helped by the fact that a gang of workmen were demolishing the (former?) seminar room opposite - who knows what that will turn into, but it was very noisy.

This is, I reckon, the fifteenth office of my career (including the offices that I've occupied as Chair) - two in Bristol; two in one of my Oxford jobs, two in the other; three at Rutgers (plus the Chair's abode); and four at USC (plus two Chair's rooms).  That's quite enough.  My favorite, in many ways (despite the raccoons having loud sex in the walls, and the fact that it was demonstrably sagging and sinking), was the final one at Rutgers, but this one is shaping up well ...But I also loved the one in Mansfield College that I painted a rich deep blue.  Apart from the rooms I've occupied as Chair, the largest was my second in Bristol (I'm under no illusion - I'm sure I benefited from appalling favoritism).  At USC, there seems to be an endless pattern of shuffling, but I'm hoping that I (and the Art History department) am going to be sticking in this one for a while ...


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