Sunday, July 12, 2009

airport worker

If I feel weary with traveling this week - and I do - this is a timely reminder that it would be even more tiring to be a low-paid fast-food worker in an airport terminal.   And this can be a painful job, too - this woman (riding the light railway between termini at Dallas/Fort Worth) had a whole lot of burns down her arm from fat and/or hot pans.

The iPhone is a very useful photographic tool - as I keep remarking... - and I look forward to when it becomes economical to buy the new one, with focusing capacity - for one can sit opposite someone and look as though one's checking messages or playing my favorite game (Roach Madness! in which one gets to crush and obliterate the scuttering critters - v good for moments of frustration - otherwise I just quietly get to work on practicing the differences between British and American 8 ball pool) - but in fact, one's tilting it up and clicking the little camera icon...   This woman had a particularly haunting expression of tired melancholy, and yes, of course I felt photographically predatory as I waited for the train to swing round so that the light would hit her at the right angle...

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